Victoria Ave OIP

Victoria Avenue, Remuera  – Overhead to Underground Improvement Project

Scot Thrust is the civil subcontractor to Electrix Limited for the undergrounding project on Victoria Avenue, Remuera.  The overhead power lines will be replaced with underground and new streetlights will be installed by Vector Limited in coordination with Auckland Transport as part of this project.

Streets affected by this work include:
Victoria Avenue, Shore Road, Sonia Avenue, Manawa Road, Combes Road, Waimea Lane, Waiata Avenu Aldred Road, Glenbrook Street, Walton Street, Hiriri Avenue and Chatfield Place.

The project work will be carried out in sections throughout the area and should only directly affect the road frontage outside each property for a small amount of this time.

Project details:
All overhead lines will be undergrounded and all power poles will be removed.

The power supply in the area should not be affected by the work, except for when the change over from overhead to underground service to a property is required.  A short power outage will be needed for each property to complete this process. Customers will be consulted well in advance.

To ensure a safe and smooth flow of traffic, full traffic management plans are in place for the area.  The work sites have been designed so that pedestrians will still be able to pass by the works.  In most cases, the directional flow of both traffic lanes will be maintained.