The Scot Thrust Team

Andrew Coombes – General Manager – also the Health, Safety & Environmental Company Ambassador

In May 2002 Andrew (a Proud Product of the Waikato) joined Scot Thrust.  With a Master of Project Management degree, Andrew brought with him a practical approach to business through people focused management and service delivery.  Andrew’s main focus has been Safety, Quality & the Environment through team discussion both formal and informal – working as a happy and cohesive Team to grow everybody’s Knowledge and Experience and be Proud when Delivering a Safe Top Quality Service which will continue to ensure our future business.


Jackie Acott – Accounts Administrator / Office Manager

In June 2005 Jackie (our treasured Zimbabwean import) joined Scot Thrust.  Jackie has over 8 years’ experience in Accounting and Office Management and over 15 years’ experience in Secretarial and Administration.  Jackie completed a diploma in Business prior to joining Scot Thrust.  Jackie is responsible for the timely provision of all financial information and office administration.


Tom Oxborough – Traffic Manager

In January 2002 Tom (came down by boat from the Motherland-England) joined Scot Thrust.  Tom’s background includes sales and distribution management, production management and retailing.  As a Level 2/3 STMS Tom brings to Scot Thrust the ability to perform all traffic management requirements of the company for both our own activities as well as to offer a comprehensive service to our clients which includes expertise in the consent and approval processes.


Joe (Little Joe) George – Civil Project Manager

In May 1995 Joe (hails from The King Country-Te Kuiti) joined Scot Thrust.  Joe holds NZQA Civil Supervisors Certificate – Joe manages a wide range of civil construction projects – inclusive of directional drilling, general civil construction, QA documentation, resource planning/allocation and all facets of site management.  Joe has over 17 years’ experience in the civil construction and electricity industry in New Zealand – primarily large infrastructure and subdivisions.  Joe’s project duties include – liaising with senior engineers, quality assurance, surveying and set outs, materials procurement, resource task allocation and management, project costing, invoicing and closeout.


Scot Thrust Team & Competencies – Non-Office (Field) & Office

1 = Under direct supervision, is not competent (watch all the time)

2 = Under supervision, is partially competent (line of sight)

3 = Indirect or occasional supervision, is partially competent (supervision nearby)

4 = Fully competent to work unsupervised

5 = Competent to train


Jackie Acott (Competency: 4/5 – Office + Admin) – Office Manager

Steve Acott (Competency: 4 – Civil + Drill + Traffic)  – Civil, drilling & Final Reinstatement Site Supervisor – Level 1 STMS

Andrew Coombes (Competency: 4/5 – Civil + Drill + Traffic + Admin: Office Only) –  General Manager

Sam Duncan (Competency: 4/5 – Traffic) – Senior Traffic Site Supervisor – Safety, Quality & Environmental Assessor – Level 2/3 Practicing STMS

Joe George (Competency: 4/5 – Civil + Drill) – Civil Project Manager

Steve Harrison (Competency: 4/5 – Civil + Drill) – Civil & Drilling Site Supervisor

Natu Isaia (Competency: 2 – Civil + Drill)  – Civil & Drill Team Trainee

Kailey Lammas (Competency: 4 – Traffic) – Traffic – Level 1 STMS

Alamu Leuluafi (Competency: 4/5 – Civil + Drill) – Civil & Drilling Site Supervisor – NZQA Directional Driller

Donald Mackintosh (Competency: 4/5 – Civil + Drill + Traffic) – Company Director (Sponsor) and part-time Scottish Unicorn Hunter

Marilyn Mackintosh (Competency: 4/5 – Office)

Tom Oxborough (Competency: 4/5- Traffic) – Traffic Manager – Level 2/3 Non-Practicing STMS

Cody Pavey (Competency: 2 – Civil + Drill)  – Civil & Drill Team Trainee

Kuru Takaa (Competency: 4/5 – Civil + Drill) – Civil & Drilling Site Supervisor – NZQA Civil Construction Supervisor

Vinnie Tosi (Competency: 4 – Traffic) – Traffic – Level 1 STMS

Palepoi Tuuau (Competency: 3 – Civil + Drill) – Civil & Drill Operator – Level 1 STMS


The Scot Thrust Subcontractor Team

Powerhouse Civil Limited – Civil Contractors

Waste Water Transport – CCTV, Hydro Excavating & Sucker Trucks